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Henan Yu Long Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Henan Yu Long Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Address: Huaihe Western Road 29# Zhengzhou City ZHENGZHOU-HENAN
ZIP: 450006
Company Profile
Henan Yu Lung heavy machinery is China Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of building materials enterprises and exports complete sets of equipment manufacturing base, is a cement production machinery and equipment, cement (slag) Fenmo Zhan complete sets of equipment, production equipment, such as lime-based, self - R & D, lean production, sales as one of the independent joint-stock enterprises, a model factory, cast steel, cast iron, forging, Mao Han, heat treatment, metal cutting, such as workshops and assembly plant, for mining, coal, chemicals , Building materials, electricity and other basic industries to provide complete sets of major technologies and equipment, as well as engineering design, engineering package business. 中文 » 英语 翻译